Saturday, January 31, 2009


On my last trip to Chicago, we stayed at one of Al Capone's hideouts in St. Charles. None of the rooms had windows; only the hallways. It seems that Chicagoians love their crooks. Blagoiavich? is kinda popular.

Also, the women all have low scratchy voices that recall excessive smoking or screaming.

Hanging out at Belmont and Clark, Old Style.

So I had heard that 5~10F was really cold. I wasn't prepared.

One of my old Seattle friends Eric and his girlfriend Sara met me at the L&L Tavern last night for some beers. Sara described it as a "three pants" night. They showed me pictures of Eric with multiple scarves around his face a few weeks ago when it was -25F. "My eyes were freezing shut."

Three years ago on a trip to Chicago in May, I happen to run into Eric at a Irish bar. One of the things we both had in common was our love of the Mountain Goats. Of course back then they were playing the next night making the highlight of my trip. Too bad they're coming in April this year. But hey! Bonnie "Prince" Billy is playing one block from my house in March!

Traveling, living out of a bag.

Damp, thick fog hung low in Seattle Friday morning when I departed. I never get used to the joy that takeoffs and landings bring me. One thousand feet above the gray, freezing fog the sun was spectacular. The Cascades took forever to cross, and I could point out peaks I had hiked to: Rattlesnake ledge and across from it Mt. Si. All of northern America is covered in snow, especially Chicago.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicago Beer Garden, Bar, and Barbecue Restaurant - Chicago's Best Craft Beer - North Side - Wrigleyville - Lakeview/ Lincoln Park

This could be really bad. A craft beer bar within two blocks of where I'm staying.

Chicago Beer Garden, Bar, and Barbecue Restaurant - Chicago's Best Craft Beer - North Side - Wrigleyville - Lakeview/ Lincoln Park

Last Hurrah to the employed life!

The whole gang from Pioneer Plumbing came out to Naked City Taphouse to send me off on my last day of work. I sure wish I could spend more time with these guys not at work.

What was on everyone's mind was the slowdown in work due to the economy. Work's been drying up, and we all brainstormed for a solution not to lay off more folks. It's seems it's a perfect time for me to be leaving; the rest of the service plumbers need the hours. I have decided that I only want to work for small business. The comradery in a small shop is unparalleled.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The last of the moving

Over the last weekend my friends at Beacon Hill Brewing took to storing all my homebrew gear and my two brew fridges. They've been a huge help. Hopefully, Rodney and Colin will take this opportunity to make plenty of beer. I can't wait to try their experiments when I get back.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009